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Brand-new Season – Arabian Nights Releases On PC Early December

The Second Season For Armored Warfare Takes Players Into the Middle East with New Missions, Epic Customization Options, Premium Tanks and More!

lobal publisher and developer My.com proudly announces that Arabian Nights, the second season of their popular tank combat title Armored Warfare, is slated to hit the PC version early December! The new season will provide the next exciting chapter into war-hardened Magnus Holter’s campaign to end the nefarious Clayburn Industries and will include all-new special operation missions, new ways to earn unique rewards with Battle Paths, long-awaited advanced customizations options and a new array of deadly tanks for players to experience when it rolls out later this year.

Set within regions in Egypt and Iraq, the new season continues Magnus Holter’s assault on Clayburn Industries and its allies, the Evocati Private Military Corporation, in order to get rid of Douglas O’Reilly’s thugs for good. Players will advance through this new narrative with two new Special Ops missions which will task them with tearing through the sandy dunes in search of glory and revenge. Players will also be able to participate in the season’s first Battle Path - Warlords of the Wasteland, chock-full of amazing rewards. Exclusive premium vehicles as well as numerous vehicle customization options and other treats await players that can master all challenges offered in the Battle Path. Warlords of the Wasteland is just the first in a series of these paths that will be released throughout the new season.

Arabian Nights will also introduce the long-awaited Advanced Customization system, also known as the “Skin” system. The new system will allow players to obtain exotic appearance modifications for their fully upgraded vehicles as visual customization options next to the existing features such as Base Paint, Decal and Camouflage. These modifications will be available by various means from completing certain in-game missions, obtaining as free gifts or part of AW’s premium content.

Both the High-Tech Mercenary (featuring the sleek, deadly look of a corporate security force) and the Wasteland Warrior (with enough spikes, saws and blades to make every sun-crazed desert marauder happy) skins will be available at launch with many more to come throughout the season!


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