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MAPS.ME Newest Version Is Tailored for Rio Olympics Visitors

July 27, 2016. The latest update of MAPS.ME for iOS and Android was developed for all tourists coming to Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The map of the city features special icons for all of the Olympic venues, including icons for arenas, cycling tracks and water sports.

In addition to that, users can find places where competitions will be broadcasted. Major landmarks and public transport stops are highlighted as well.

These places can be viewed in a list via a detailed Bookmarks pack for the app with additional info about the venues (brief description, including which Olympic events take place there and public transport directions).

MAPS.ME uses open location data provided by OpenStreetMap (OSM), a crowd-sourced map service.

In order to prepare for the Olympics, OSM community enthusiasts started what they call a first online marathon, having already added 4020 buildings and 1510 streets.

At MAPS.ME we always strive to make the app convenient and reliable together with maximizing its content. What we prepared for Rio Olympics is just a beginning of filling our maps with the useful information on landmarks. We collaborate with Wikimedia Foundation and other open projects in order to add this information to MAPS.ME ”, says Eugene Lisovskiy, CEO of MAPS.ME.

All of the icons in Rio are now more distinct and are easily noticeable on the map without thorough zooming. This version of MAPS.ME will make navigating Rio and the Olympics easier. The app will not only help tourists find what they are looking for but also recommend new places to visit.


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