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My.com's Mobile Strategy Game Iron Desert Coming Soon To Apple And Android Devices

Players to Team Up with Friends and Dominate the Desert with Intense Action and Heavy Military Equipment

Mountain View, California - September 3, 2014 – My.com and the creators of Jungle Heat, the bestselling free cross-platform mobile war game with more than 20 million players worldwide, today announced Iron Desert, a mobile tactical game of a new generation, is coming soon to Apple and Android devices.

In Iron Desert, players’ tactical and strategic combat skills are put to the test as they attempt to free the desert from the tyranny of brutal invader Iron Dragon and his assistant Commander Scar. Players will manage and upgrade heavy military equipment, recruit combat units and work alone or together with friends to dominate in fierce battles and rule over the desert. They will be able to dynamically develop more than 25 units and buildings and use a huge variety of skills during combat to open up new possibilities and dive deeper into the games engaging atmosphere. In addition, PvE gameplay will feature a global map that grants easy access to new locations and battles to get the fight going.

Iron Desert takes the battle from the jungle to the desert, offering fans of Jungle Heat the next evolution of military strategy games on mobile devices,“ said Yury Maslikov, My.com Publishing Director. “With more tactical features, mechanic improvements and content, resulting in hundreds of hours of gameplay, Iron Desert will be the next mobile hit in My.com’s gaming catalog that no player should miss.”

Iron Desert’s unique gameplay will offer a large social component letting players join clans and work together with friends and Allies to achieve the common goal of dominating the desert. Other players will be able to help out by sending tanks, helicopters, hummers, fighting robots and air strikes against enemy buildings and fortifications. Not only can players form Alliances and interact more actively with other players, but they can also share tactics and maneuvers with each other. Additionally, players can set up private tournaments to meet other players as opponents on the battlefield.

Iron Desert will be localized in ten languages (i.a. English, French, German, Spanish, Italian) and is coming soon to Apple AppStore and GooglePlay.

To learn more about Iron Desert visit the http://id.my.com and https://www.facebook.com/IronDesertGame for a chance to win one of several Phone 5’s on the day of the game’s release.

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