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My.com's Sci-Fi Action RPG Evolution: Battle for Utopia Now Live Worldwide in the Apple App Store

Experience a Unique Variety of Gameplay Elements Woven into an Unforgettable RPG that Boasts One of the Largest In-Game Worlds in App Store History

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--April 2, 2014--Welcome to the planet Utopia! My.com, a subsidiary of Mail.Ru Group, today released Evolution: Battle for Utopia, a best-in-class Science-Fiction Action RPG on the Apple App Store. Boasting one of the most expansive and action-packed words in mobile gaming history, Evolution: Battle for Utopia combines a deep sci-fi storyline, a unique combat system, puzzles and more, amounting to an experience unlike anything else. After soft-launching in Russia two months ago and finding a home at the top of the charts already, Evolution: Battle for Utopia is now making its worldwide debut.

“When we set out to make this game, we wanted to deliver a core RPG, but one built from the ground up for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch,” said My.com’s Publishing Director, Yuriy Maslikov. “That means players will find the same depth that RPGs are known for, but will also be drawn into the intriguing storyline and surprised by the other gameplay elements woven into the game.”

In Evolution: Battle for Utopia, players step into the boots of top human operatives on a mission to explore, chart, and uncover the dark secrets of a mysterious paradise gone silent – the planet Utopia. In the game, players will engage in real-time battles using a unique combat system that allows players to target and respond to enemy movements. In addition, they’ll be able to dive deep into the game’s immersive storyline and encounter dozens of complex and identifiable characters, all while discovering what truly lies beneath the ashes of a ruined planet.

Evolution: Battle for Utopia is now available and free-to-play in the Apple App Store here.

Evolution: Battle for Utopia joins My.com’s stellar, recently-announced lineup that also includes AAA online PC games Skyforge and Armored Warfare, and World of Speed.

To learn more about Evolution: Battle for Utopia, visit Evo.my.com. For instant updates, like us on Facebook and Twitter.

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