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Louise E, U.K.
For years I have used either my Samsung email, Yahoo or Gmail...recently I have had so many problems with all three. Either I don't get email on time or it doesn't send. Stalling for endless moments when I desperately need an email to come in. In desperation, I trawled focus groups relating to mobile email and one solution which everyone seemed happy with was to download your app (myMail). Thank goodness I did. Reliable and user friendly. Will spread the word. Thanks to all your engineers and designers for an excellent product.

Matteus C Souza, USA
I actually found out about myMail through someone I follow on twitter, Sang Han. He had mentioned about the cool features of it and I decided to give it a try. I loved the fact that I was able to give input to the functionality and UX and interface and my comments and concerns were not only taken seriously, but the reply in which the developers reached out to me was extremely fast. I've had a great experience using the app, and feel sort of proud that my suggestion about changing email account avatars feature was taken into consideration! You guys are doing a great job and I have nothing but good things to rave about for myMail.

Jerzy G, USA

I absolutely love myMail. This app is saving my ass right now while not killing my battery. I have several email accounts that require constant oversight but none offer true push. Checking mail every 15 on my phone means recharging my phone 3 times daily. myMail is seriously my hero right now. Where's the support or donate button? I’ve wasted a lot of money on other apps that I wish I could have funneled to you.

Vellach S, Indonesia

I can easily say that, without doubt, myMail is the best Mail app in the App Store. I have since stopped using Apple Mail app which is not worth the Apple name. Maybe Apple should start negotiating with myMail to buy off the app or maybe get myMail programmers to work for Apple. Seriously, I have been searching for a mail app that I can use safely. I have purchased several apps because I thought the free version may have performance limitations. I have tested mail.com, mailbox, molto, yahoo, gmail, evomail, pmail, secure gmail, all web mail, imailg. I have now stopped searching and settled on myMail. It is the best for me. Safe, trouble free, stable, handles multiple mail accounts smoothly, fast, and has never failed for the last few weeks that I have used since. Well done My.com. Thanks for the great app.

Leonardo, Canada
Once I found out about it I had to download the app. I have tried several, and myMail was the best thus far. It has helped me keep up with my inbox and the amount of emails I get every day. Thank you.

Eric H, USA
I use myMail for my work. I produce all radio shows for a very well-known DJ, and I also help with his live shows, and everyday life on the road while touring. I need my emails ASAP, and myMail does just that. Setup was also a breeze, and that's what I also really loved about the app. Great job myMail.

Alain G, France
A big thank you for having myMail in French.

Frede K, Denmark
I am using your myMail app every day. It is a pleasure to read the local mails now that the Danish characters are supported. I like especially the way myMail supports with additional information related to the mail and how myMail group the mails.

Kana M, Japan
I started using myMail several months ago. It is very convenient to have various email addresses in one app and it is very wonderful. I am Japanese and when I was high school age, I studied in China. I thought Chinese would be of great help in living in Asia in the future. I participated in an international exchange. After returning to Japan, I tried to maintain communication with Chinese people. Now, I work as a part-time interpreter for a Japanese interpreter company where I provide help for tourists, police and customs. Although the myMail app menu and titles are in English, the app supports Chinese and Japanese characters.


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