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At My.com, it's all about developing digital services for the pickiest generation in history. People now have the widest range of opportunities to pursue their passions, and simply have no time to waste for less-than-perfect technology.

We're a part of that demanding crowd, and it's our deepest belief that "as good as it gets" is not enough for technology today. Why settle when you can go one step further and make something so good it's hard to believe?

My.com comprises myMail, MAPS.ME and online and mobile games. Our mobile communications and entertainment services and apps facilitate people in pursuing their goals - and let them relax and have a good gaming time in-between.

While our HQ is located in Amsterdam, we also have an office in Silicon Valley, and many of us work in Moscow at Mail.Ru Group where we are the largest Internet company in Russian-speaking countries. We have a worldwide community of over 150 million people, never hesitating to give us feedback and tell us how we can make the life better and more fun.

We have the passion and environment of a start up with the backing and experience of Russian Internet giant.


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