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#goodstart: Artisto and Nestle Redraw User Videos

August 25, 2016. Artisto, a mobile app for artistic video processing powered by neural networks, now features an exclusive NESCAF? #goodstart filter.

Nestl? is the first company to try this unconventional placement format to promote its NESCAF? brand. Now coffee lovers all over the world can wish each other good morning with videos processed by neural networks.

“Visual communication formats are becoming increasingly popular, and in doing so they're laying the groundwork for future technologies. Companies that closely follow trends and strive to communicate with the target audience in their own language, are actively using this new trend,” says Anna Artamonova, VP of Mail.Ru Group and head of the Mail and Portal business unit. “Branded filters in a popular app allow businesses to interact with their audience in an effective and unobtrusive way.”

“We welcome Artisto because it fully reflects modern user trends in digital media. Cooperation between such large companies as Nestl? and Mail.Ru Group is always beneficial for users, who in the end get more engaging products and services. We will always keep searching for innovative solutions to deliver the key messages of our brands in a rapidly changing environment,” commented Aleksei Khodyachikh, Marketing Communication Director at Nestl? in Russia and Eurasia.

Artisto is a mobile app for artistic video processing powered by neural network algorithms. Currently, users have access to 19 filters, and this number is constantly growing. Videos processed in Artisto are often published by celebrities and large international brands on their social media pages.

Here is a link to a video processed in Artisto.

Artisto is available in the App Store and Google Play in every country.


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